Social Justice Department

Diversity exists, inclusion does not…It is created through ongoing, open, honest, and courageous conversations.

Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools recognize and honour diversity and are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all who learn and work in our school community.

Our goal in Social Justice is to inform, educate, and advocate for visible and invisible diversities in our school communities, including, but not limited to, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, religion, culture, and socio economic status.


Social Justice in NLPS

The Board of Education, Senior Staff of NLPS, NDTA and CUPE firmly believe in and abide by the principles of respect, acceptance, safety and equity. These principles are demonstrated by the recognition and honouring of diversity, and valuing the contributions of all members of our school communities.

Together we recognize that visible and invisible diversities exist and, therefore, are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all who learn and work in NLPS.  We are committed to a learning environment that reflects diversity, inclusivity, and equity.


Social Justice Facebook Page

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Inclusive Practices

“Inclusive practices are everyone’s responsibility yet must be championed by the leadership of the organization. It is the job of the advocates and front-line people to hold leaders accountable and remind them of their commitment.”

Moussa Magassa,
Human Rights Advisor-Educator, UVIC

Inclusive Learning Environments

Walk in the front door and through your school.  What do you see on the walls that welcome all students and families?  Are there posters and art which celebrate diversity? Are there signs in other languages welcoming students and families?

  • Ensure that your school is creating a safe, caring and inclusive school environment as per Inclusion Policy and procedures.  Does your school have a Code of Conduct?

Teachers and Staff

  • Do you know about the Inclusion Policy and accompanying procedures? Take a little time to go get familiar with them.

Library Books and Resources

  • Connect with your librarian. What books do you have in your library that celebrate diversity?  What is your school doing to honour diversity and inclusion? Do students see themselves reflected in books and resources.

Washrooms for everyone

Does your school have proper signed for an inclusive washroom? Is there a washroom for everyone? Is it unlocked and visible for students? Is it welcoming?

Quick Reference

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