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William’s Doll (1972) Zolotow, Charlotte

William wants a doll but is told that makes him a creep and a sissy. His Dad buys him a basketball and a train set, but he still wants the doll. Finally his grandma buys him a doll which he can feed, care for and love.

When Leonard Lost His Spots: A Trans Parent Tail (2012) Costa, Monique

What happens when a beautiful lioness discovers she was born into the body of a male leopard? The family is shocked, the transition begins, and an amazing story unfolds.

When Kathy is Keith (2011) Wong, R. Wallace

A sensitive portrayal of a young girl who identifies as a boy.

Tough Boris (2001) Fox, Mem

Tough Boris is a pirate, and like all pirates is fierce and tough and mean, but when his parrot dies, he cries and cries. This is a book that celebrates the men can be tough, and strong and tender all at the same time.

The Boy who wanted to be a dancer (2007) Gambassi, Rod

When Bobby’s teacher asks her class what everyone wants to be when they grow up, Bobby is the only one who proudly announces he wants to be a dancer. His classmates don’t understand. They think dancing is just for girls.  It’s a surprise ending to a book about family, friendship and dance!

Stella Brings the Family (2015) Schiffer, Miriam

Stella’s class is having a Mother’s Day celebration, but what’s a girl to with two daddies to do?

Sissy Duckling, The (2002) Fierstein, Harvey

Elmer tries to do typical boy duck activities but just doesn’t fit in. Elmer is rejected and harassed by the other ducks, including his father. Elmer runs away but his ingenuity, bravery and loyalty earn him the respect and admiration of the rest of the community.

Rough, Tough Charley (2007) Kay, Verla

Stunning illustrations and poetic verse document the exciting true story of Charley Parkhurst, an orphan living in California in the mid-1800s who became a famous stagecoach driver, joined the Odd Fellow’s Club, voted in Presidential elections and was revealed, after death, to be a woman.

Pugdog (2001) U’Ren, Andrea

Mike believes his Pugdog is a boy until the vet tells him Pugdog is a girl. Mike then treats Pugdog in more feminine ways, until he discovers that he knows far less about sex and gender than he assumed.

The Princess Knight (2004) Funke, Cornelia

King Wilfred teaches Violetta how to be a knight along with her brothers, but when she comes of age, he holds a tournament and announces that the winner can marry her. Violetta secretly enters the contest, and by winning it wins her own independence.

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