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The Red Pencil (2014) Pinkey, Andrea Davis

Life in peaceful Sudanese village is shattered when the Janjaweed arrive. The terrifying attackers ravage the town and unleash unspeakable horrors. After she loses nearly everything, Amira needs to dig deep within herself to find the strength to make the long journey– on foot– to safety at a refugee camp. Her days are tough at the camp, until the gift of a simple red pencil opens her mind–and all kinds of possibilities.

Brothers In Hope (2005) Williams, Mary

Eight-year-old Garang is tending cattle far from his family’s home in southern Sudan when war comes to his village. Frightened but unharmed, he returns to find everything has been destroyed. Soon Garang meets other boys whose villages have been attacked. Before long they become a moving band of thousands, walking hundreds of miles seeking safety – first in Ethiopia and then in Kenya. The boy’s face numerous hardships and dangers along the way, but their faith and mutual support help keep the hope of finding a new home alive in their hearts.

Stepping Stones (2016) Ruurs, Margaret

Stepping Stones tells the story of Rama and her family, who are forced to flee their once-peaceful village to escape the ravages of the civil war raging ever closer to their home. With only what they can carry on their backs, Rama and her mother, father, grandfather and brother, Sami, set out to walk to freedom in Europe.

The Quilt Makers Gift (2000) Brumbeau, Jeff

A quilt maker helps a selfish king learn that giving is the true secret to happiness. The heartwarming, strongly moral tale supports important values, and the detailed illustrations, featuring dozens of lovingly rendered quilt patterns offer hours of delight.

A Place for Grace (1931) Okimoto, Davies Jean

Grace is a little dog with big dreams. After discovering she’s too small to become a seeing-eye dog, she meets Charlie, a deaf man who believes Grace would make the ideal hearing-aid dog. Grace provides an inspiring model for any child facing obstacles at school or at home.

Frog Girl (1997) Lewis, Paul Owen

To restore calm to her land, a girl must delve beneath the surface of a lake, deep into a spirit world. What she finds will thrill readers and introduce them to a classic hero’s journey.

Storm Boy (1998) Lewis, Paul Owen

Powerful illustrations make stunning use of northwest coast Native American motifs to create a compelling atmosphere of mystery and displacement.

Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed (2002)

This book is about how a good deed can help others and come back to you. It’s a feel-good story that inspires and celebrates a world full of ordinary deeds.

The Ant Bully (1999) Nickle, John

Sid is such a big bully that Lucas wishes he could squash him like a bug. But Lucas is too little to do that. Instead he bullies the ants. The ants, however, have had enough of Lucas’s nasty games. And they teach him a lesson that will make him (and readers) think twice about being mean.

The Hundred Dresses (1944) Slobodkin, Louis

A Polish girl in a Connecticut school is ridiculed by her classmates for wearing the same faded blue dress every day. Wanda claims she has one hundred dresses at home, but everyone knows she doesn’t and bullies her mercilessly. The class feels terrible when Wanda is pulled out of the school, but by that time it’s too late for apologies.

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