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A School Based Inclusion Advocates role is to be a safe person at their school for students as well a conduit for school staff to go to about social justice issues. Monthly updates are touched on at staff meetings along with ongoing social justice initiatives.

Inclusion Advocates by School

Schools who currently have an Inclusion Advocate:

  • Brechin Elementary
  • Cedar Secondary
  • Cinnabar Elementary
  • Fairview Elementary
  • Forrest Park Elementary
  • Georgia Elementary
  • Ecole Hammond Bay Elementary
  • Frank J. Ney Elementary
  • John Barsby Secondary
  • Ladysmith Intermediate
  • Ladysmith Primary
  • Park Avenue Elementary
  • Rock City Elementary
  • Rutherford Elementary

How Do I become an Inclusion Advocate at my school?

Our goal is that every school across the district will have an Inclusion Advocate. If you would like to be that person please get in touch with us.  We ask that it is someone who attends school based staff meetings.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Inclusive Learning Environments

Walk in the front door and through your school.  What do you see on the walls that welcome all students and families?  Are there posters and art which celebrate diversity? Are there signs in other languages welcoming students and families?

  • Ensure that your school is creating a safe, caring and inclusive school environment as per Inclusion Policy and procedures.  Does your school have a Code of Conduct?

Teachers and Staff

  • Do you know about the Inclusion Policy and accompanying procedures? Take a little time to go get familiar with them.

Library Books and Resources

  • Connect with your librarian. What books do you have in your library that celebrate diversity?  What is your school doing to honour diversity and inclusion? Do students see themselves reflected in books and resources.

Washrooms for everyone

Does your school have proper signed for an inclusive washroom? Is there a washroom for everyone? Is it unlocked and visible for students? Is it welcoming?

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